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TechSmith created Morae to conduct user experience testing and market research for websites & new products, just to name a few. TGG quickly recognized that this powerful tool could be applied to continuous improvement projects that we conduct – and has been pioneering new techniques & methods since ~ 2005. Continuous improvement (CI), also known as Lean Six Sigma or Performance Excellence, generally look to reduce waste (time and/or defects) and variation from processes. Don’t like the result? Then improve the process!

Another way to describe CI is using something called the scientific method – or scientific thinking. The Shingo Prize Model describes it this way:

– Clear understanding of the current situation
– Well defined future state or objective, closely linked to customer needs
– Data collection and reporting that supports process improvement and the elimination of waste
– Use of systematic methods to identify root causes
– Experimentation
– Timely measurement of the effectiveness of improvements
– Reflection and adjustment, and
– Incorporation of changes into standardized work

There are many different tools & techniques that embody this approach– but hopefully people new to CI will now have a better grasp on our approach.So specifically – what are some new ways Morae can be used?

Transactional Applications

Most people normally default to ‘call center applications’ when we talk about using Morae in transactional (e.g. – PC based) processes. But the question shouldn’t be focused on ‘which application’ – but rather a simple question.

How much time do you & your employees spend on PCs per day?

TGG typically removes 50% of PC-based work content giving you more time to do value-add work

 The scope of applications immediately becomes enormous – and reduction of lead time and errors by 50% is a normal expectation.

– Email reduction
– Process time reduction
– Reduction of errors
– Window, application & menu reduction
– Time study for time-on-task analysis
– Standardization & training
– and many many more

Shop Floor (Manufacturing) Applications

For applications where the PC isn’t central – Morae still provides incredibly powerful benefits to users. A common application that we find is change over for equipment or resources. This is generally referred to as ‘SMED’ or single minute exchange of dies. Is a die or tool required – absolutely not. Emergency rooms are a great application of SMED and the same principles & techniques that apply in manufacturing apply in hospitals. With SMED applications our videotape usually comes from a camera – and not the PC – but Morae’s ability to a) record task times, and b) record opportunity markers gives significant advantage over manual methods.

– Equipment or resource changeover time reduction
– Time studies for any shop floor or otherwise manual process
– Standardization & training
– and many more

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