Personal Note from Zack Guthrie, GOW President

In 1991 I was a student at NCSU and things were going well, or so I thought.I was actively taking scuba diving trips to northern Florida’s caverns and the keys, was in the process of obtaining my private pilots license, and had a fast black motorcycle. Life to me, at that time in my life, was a continual pursuit of the next best thing.It was after a failed circuits exam that I began to really question my life – I had become bone-weary of this pursuit and was ready to quit. I told God to take my life and do whatever He wanted – if only he’d give me some purpose, peace, and rest. 

My Peace

I’m no poet, but all that I can do is tell the story that has unfolded in my life since that time.  First off I stopped drinking.  Completely.  Once I stopped I have never picked it back up.  Alcohol is out of my life completely.

Relying on God is a second clear example.  My career requires that I, basically, solve problems.  Some of them are fairly straight forward, but quite a few have been very complex.  In over (10) years of consulting I’ve always relied on God’s insight and strength.  From St. Louis to Towanda to Cincinnati and onto West Monroe the number of times I’ve asked for His help and insight – in 10,000 + hours of projects, events, assessments – are well beyond a simple measure.  I’ve never traveled alone. My relationship with God today is the reason that peace is now part of my life.  Perfection – nope.  But my identity is now secure in God’s plan for my life.

What About You?

Peaceful – is that how others describe you? A man or woman of purpose? I hope that you can share a story that includes a personal relationship with God. When this relationship exists these hallmarks are plainly visible.

The history of man continues to be a story of self-reliance. Self dependence. And in the end an attempt at being self righteous; all apart from God. As my young children have said through the years, “I do it myself.”

If you are at a place in your life today – or can relate with my story – then I’d suggest you consider some spiritual laws that are in place. I don’t know what you think about the Bible – but simply stated it’s the #1 book of all time. It’s been printed more – translated more – and read more than any book …. and this will probably never change.  

“Lives changed” like mine look very much the same – regardless of language, country, or culture.Without making this a type of apologetic post – I’ll simply mention (2) things. We all fail at upholding the (10) commandments – what God requires of us – and when God’s law is broken blood is required to appease His judgment. “Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin.”If you want this peace & purpose then I’d suggest you come to God on His terms. Please contact me if you want to talk about a next step you may want to consider. 

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