Employee Lean Training


Every employee needs to learn the basics and principles behind Lean Six Sigma.  When they do, they will become ‘scientists’ on reducing wait times, removing defects and mistakes, and helping you to build standard work into every process step.

We tell our clients that all businesses “want to look like a franchise restaurant.”  OK, not exactly.  A new franchise business owner is provided standard work for … everything.  How to train their employees (usually teenagers), how to prepare the food and products, how to balance the financials, and so much more.  Everything comes with standard work.

As managers change how they approach employees and begin building these problem solvers everything improves in rapid succession.  This training course is designed to teach employees to identify, measure, and eliminate waste and variation.

With Every Pair of Hands You Get a Free Brain

Dedicate time and resources to develop your MOST important asset.  Your employees

This class has numerous exercises and break out activities and is an excellent ‘baseline training class’ to provide to your team.  TGG has expert experience in transactional, manufacturing, and maintenance, and can adapt this course based on the needs of the audience.

Mechanics of change
History of Lean Six Sigma
Visual workplace
What is Lean


2 day class

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