(Transactional) Morae PC Recording Training


Speaking with data is so important in any business and after you learn how to use TechSmith’s Morae software to analyze transactional processes your managers and peers will listen.  In God we trust, everyone else bring data.

This approach can be used on any PC-based process.  Speeding up accounts payable, scheduling production, entering a customer order, engineers designing products in CAD.  Anything that uses a PC can be analyzed with Morae and with TGG’s approach you’ll gain 25, 50, or even 75% improvements.  Call us to learn more.

Any analysis devoid of data is … useless.  Analysis without data = guessing.

With Morae your transactional analysis will brim with useful, meaningful, fact-based data.

You’ll learn the following:

Morae Recorder
Building a configuration file
What to include / what not to include
How to save a .mrcfg file for future studies
A word on codecs
Benefits of using picture in picture video

Morae Observer:
How to use observer
Multiple observers
Using a remote observer
How to structure and use opportunity markers
How to structure and use tasks

Morae Manger:
Bringing the entire study together
Analyze tab
Graph tab
Present tab
Morae file extensions and sub-folders

Setting up Usability Trials
TGG’s checklist to use when doing transactional analysis
Work breakdown structure (WBS). Using WBS numbering you can cleanly setup your usability trial and use this format for multiple trials. Using a standard numbering structure will allow you to build comparable data sets
Setting up the trial
Use of the autopilot feature
Task logger features


4 Days

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