Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) Week 1 Training


In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, customers are currently challenging suppliers to improve their standards. Managers are often juggling multiple challenges and struggle to keep up with the day to day requirements of the business. How do companies find the time to manage daily requirements and simultaneously improve? The answer is to “Create Scientists!” One of the goals of the TGG Root Cause Failure Analysis course is to create problem solvers at each level of the organization – small teams of scientists in every department. This course will introduce the learner to a mix of concepts and tools that can be used to effectively diagnose and eliminate anomalies in operations.

In The Guthrie Group RCFA class you can learn a methodical, proven, effective method to isolate the root cause to your failures and implement new standard work, preventing reoccurring failures. Participants will learn the following concepts in this course:

  • How to properly develop and scope a problem
  • How to write a project charter
  • Project prioritization
  • Proper Data Collection Methods
  • How to display data
  • Data Evaluation
  • Brainstorming techniques
  • Mapping
  • Implementation Plans
  • Work Breakdown structure
  • Communication and Training Plans
  • Standardize the solution
  • Reaction Plan
  • Replication & Standardization

Quotable Quote:

“Let me get this straight … our team just spent $ 50,000 on tooling to correct quality defects and this RCFA team discovered that tooling isn’t the problem?

This is a story from one of our clients and their team proceeded to document (28) different machine adjustments that allowed their Y = f(x) RCFA project to be successful. It’s also a great example of separating the ‘trivial many’ down to the ‘vital few.’


RCFA is Built on the Scientific Method

Plan – Think Hypothesis
Do – Think Experiment, Trial
Check – Think Study and Reflect
Adjust – Think Standardize



4 Days

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