(Transactional) PC Mapping Training


There are many books written about a “Lean Office” – what does that mean? Our (4) day course will introduce you to leading edge approaches that produce rapid results. We will also cover our patented approach to measuring waste in PC applications.  Transactional process improvement, until now, has produced lack-luster results specifically because no simple method to measure & quantify improvement has existed. Here are some things that our approach can eliminate:

That’s not how I do it (read: my way is better)
Hidden factories of waste
Redundant or needless transactions
(Tremendous) variation between computer users


We’ll show you how to count, measure, and eliminate wasteful window changes, process steps, & excessive processing in order to determine & communicate the ‘best way’ for any transactional process.

“We built a brown paper map using post it notes”

But did you have a clear framework to collect applications, users, VAT, NVAT, delays, transaction count, rework, hand offs, approvals, and most importantly – get a list of functional fields?

Building an effective transactional map is the key skill set you will take away from this training session.  Equally important, we’ll show you other types of maps and when to use each one.

We’ll show you how to map:

All inputs / outputs of the existing system
Task definitions
Cycle times of tasks
Cycle times of non value added tasks
Delays (where the process stops)
Software screens (number & name)
Software commands (number & type)
Functional fields
Methods to begin defining requirements if programming changes are required


4 day class

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