No Heroes – Critical to Quality Focus


There are many intersections with quality and equipment reliability.  What can go wrong when time, temperature, and pressure are parts of the equation?  As you know – many things can go wrong.

TGG offers a service within our STRANDS model called CTQ or critical to quality.  With this aspect of our model we map out the CTQ’s of all major systems within an asset so that everyone knows the proper operating conditions of each system variable.

Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and more

Anyone know the correct settings for all these systems?

Frequently we we employ the use of T cards to visually communicate how these systems should be set and maintained.  A team’s ability to consistently monitor process enables them to move up the PF curve and find faults before they occur.

Almost all errors within equipment reliability come from three sources:


Using CTQ’s and visual T cards your team can improve the OEE of your assets.


3 Days SCO
5 Days RUN
2 days Evaluate

Typical Outcomes:

  • Visual mapping of all major systems on the respective asset
  • T cards show what, when, where, and in some cases how to do the inspection and routine maintenance task
  • Gives you a forward plan and schedule on when each system will be methodically inspected


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