Manufacturing consulting provides advice, direction, and coaching, while the company develops their own process improvement internal resources. This can be done in concert with tgg’s training services or independently on a project by project basis. tgg’s team is well seasoned in use of 3P, Box Scores, Daily Management, Kaizen, Leader Standard Work, RCFA, Runner-Repeater-Stranger analysis, and Single Minute Exchange of Dies. Many or all of these evaluation or improvement tools may help your plant reduce the gap.
A major element of this consulting is helping the team narrow their focus to a few key metrics for success, getting everyone in the plant to know how they contribute to those, and identifying and removing the barriers to achieving the goals.


  • New Services/Products
    • Our manufacturing capabilities are inconsistent
    • Product development time is too long
    • Maintenance and operations don’t have the capabilities to support the new products
  • Customer Order
    • No standard format for receipt of customer orders
    • Quoting = research project
    • Customers cannot view the status of their order
  • Scheduling
    • The forecast is (really) wrong. 35% accuracy on a good day
    • Wrong inventory types and amounts on hand
    • Batch sizes are too large
  • Design
    • We don’t have enough capacity – we don’t have the right capacity
    • We use 42 shades of white
    • BOM errors are not corrected which cause recurring problems
  • Manufacturing
    • Travel distances in manufacturing are …. not short
    • We reward firefighters – the very behavior we are trying to prevent
    • The front office is consuming 80% of our promised lead time
  • Maintenance
    • Rewarding reactive fire fighting
    • Data collection and use is very poor
    • Maintenance is under-manned, under-funded and under-trained
  • Logistics
    • Expediting is the normal mode of business
    • Inventory $’s are too high – and at the same time service levels are too low
    • We have 100’s of suppliers – our network is simply too large
  • Accounting
    • Needless reporting, reporting (did I mention reporting)
    • Duplicate invoices / payment errors are the norm
    • Standard pricing is incorrect and deeply flawed

Please contact us today so we can build your problem statement and objectives you want to achieve.

Define your Problem Statement.

The first step towards breaking your organizational log jams is identifying and verbalizing the challenge you're facing. What are you trying to solve? This simple Problem Statement exercise can have profound implications for your team. It helps you define the issue and gives TGG some sense of where the soft spots could be in your Order to Cash process. We invite you to take a few moments to fill out this form. A TGG consultant will contact you shortly to discuss your Problem Statement and provide some insight on how we may be able to help.

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