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Below are typical components we implement to improve the alignment and productivity of any office or work team. Each of these components can be implemented with templates or our software.

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Is Goal Alignment my problem?

Are we unable to meet our goals? Is there no comprehensive strategy or stretch goals? Do we need to better allocate resources and projects to meet specific goals? With Lean Office you'll get an X-Matrix tool to help track alignment and progress to your goals.

Is Daily Management my problem?

Am I measuring the wrong things? Do we need better definitions for each of the metrics? Do we need a single dashboard to show what everyone is working on? I don't know if I'm winning or losing. Lean Office can help you maintain daily management through a tool that keeps your team on track every week, every month.

How do we standardize work?

Do I know what my team is working on? What projects are stalled? Can I ensure my team is aligned and the workload is evenly distributed? Which of my tasks are a priority and which are easy to pick back up if missed? Do I need to standardize tasks between work teams at different locations? By defining and standardizing tasks in a database, you can assign them to team members and easily track progress.

Do I need Leader Standard Work?

Am I accomplishing what I need/want to get done each week or is my time spent putting out fires? I don't know if I'm moving closer to or further away from my goals. Can I clone how my best manager manages? Do we have standardized roles and responsibilities? LSW allows you to predict results by assigning and inspecting work, recording measures, and enforcing standards. It's a daily checklist that explicitly states expectations.

Is a lack of data analysis my problem?

Can someone tell me how to measure my lost time in emails and meetings? Do I even know where my time is being spent? Analyzing email and calendar data provides you with the needed information to know where to make strategic adjustments to better align your goals.

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Define your Problem Statement.

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