Customer Review

The Customer is Always Right

The order has been entered into the system, design has done some of their work, and now we are waiting on the customer again.

The waste and confusion that occur in this phase of the order to cash process include:

– What are we waiting for?
– Which revision is correct?
– Sales is in contact with the customer – we think
– How do we get the proof to the customer?
– The customer is sending … a fax
– The customer thought we started/completed the work – we are still waiting a signature
– Internal approval process
– Do we even know, with certainty, what the customer wants?

Much of this process is not electronic, but manual paperwork.  The clock continues to tick on our order to cash cycle.

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What are the Issues?

  • No visibility of project status
  • Delays waiting on the customer
  • No standardized / consistent means to share information with our customers
  • Redundant / duplicate file attachments


  • 50% Reduce non-performance $'s
  • 50% Reduce errors on-boarding new customers
  • 50% Reduction in time to on-board new employees

Define your Problem Statement.

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