We Have the Order

Is this good news?  The fact that we have to ask that question brings up many of the underlying process issues that we have to content with prior to moving this order to manufacturing.

The “optimal” part or subassembly design is effective on paper. It’s well-received in the department who requested the change. However, next-in-line internal customers waste hours getting it to work/fit. Productivity goes down. The specifications are too tight for present capability, creating a mountain of rejects and waste. Rework and work-arounds occur to keep the line moving. More waste. There is increased variability in the process as other sections of the line try to make the part fit/ work. No one has communicated the change order ahead of time, nor was it adequately piloted, causing functional errors, lost time, rework.

Within Engineering itself there is redundancy and rework. The same information has to be input to more than one system. No one is looking at the non-value added steps. “This is the way we’ve always done it.” “The new software takes more time than the old software so I’m saving time by not updating what I use.”

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Finishing equipment TPM
3P fixture development
Proof approval portal
Pattern review
3P cell development
3P Plant layout
Load blending
Brush cutting pattern (scrap reduction) optimization model
Value stream map assessment



What are the Issues?

  • Customers keep on making changes to specification
  • Customer requirements not defined
  • Design won't ever release the project
  • We don't charge our customers enough for change requests


  • 300% Increase in throughput capacity
  • 15 Reduction in overtime
  • $ 350K Off specification obsolescence reduction

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