Order Processing

Time is Ticking

Once we get to this part of the order to cash process most would think that there is little time loss or delay in getting the order entered prior to the design work beginning.  But in many cases we become ‘knowledge workers.’

Knowledge workers’ task is to “go find” information in many, many, (many) different locations.  Because orders come into the company that are incomplete and riddled with errors your job is to perform a major translation to determine what you hope the customer wanted.

This information resides everywhere.  Meeting notes, email trails, attachments, and don’t forget Excel files.  This information is gathered and communicated back to the customer to confirm and more delays occur.

In our consulting experience, we’ve seen numerous businesses that consume 50 to 75% of their lead time before design work begins.  From the customer’s perspective it doesn’t matter; all they know and understand is that they are still waiting and don’t have their product or service.

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What are the Issues?

  • Duplicate entry into multiple systems
  • Receipt of information from customer incomplete, includes errors
  • Email. Email. Email. (Don't we need a process?)


  • 75% Lead time reduction application processing
  • $ 300K Debt consolidation OT savings
  • 20 Sources of errors identified / resolved

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