Transfer Files

Changes Late Into the Game

By this stage of the order to cash process, one would think that the data requirements would be complete.  But in many processes (because there isn’t a defined process), we are in the stage of sharing files, gathering requirements, making changes to the project, adjusting the schedule, and doing additional work that was never in the original specification.

This reactive addition of new work load negatively impacts other customers in our work flow.  Since we are so close to submitting our final work there is a lot of pressure to keep all of the customers from complaining.  If only we had a process that stopped these errors from emerging so late in the process, our work day would be so much better.

Even after we get the project completed, getting the files to the customer – with the latest revision – is difficult due to using different systems. Usually there is little to no visibility in this portion of the process getting status reports. Resolving conflicts pertaining to transferring files or software code requires considerable effort.


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What are the Issues?

  • File sizes are too large
  • File formats have not been standardized
  • Font library discrepancies
  • Lost / duplicate / out of revision files


  • 100% Elimination of manually submitted artwork
  • 75% Lead time reduction in sharing files on customer portal
  • 75% Reduction of files due to standardizing file naming conventions

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