Lean Management System Software

Let’s Unpack the Problem

You are managing numerous corporate locations, all with differing understanding and maturity within Lean Six Sigma, and you are holding your “Lean operating system” together by email mandates and (cough) Excel files.  And typically our clients’ responsibility is to not only sustain process focus, but deliver year over year financial improvements.

Often our clients actually don’t need consulting help.  Many have decades of experience, but don’t have the measurement system & tools necessary to be successful across multiple locations, business units, or even recent acquisitions.

Compass is a suite of tools that allow measurement, standardization & governance, audits, and learning to occur within a Lean Management System that is customized to your business.  You select the tools that you need and allow Compass to do the rest.

What are the Objectives?

  • Frequent visual updates on how each facility is sustaining and improving their business processes. 
  • Measurements that span the important areas that you need to focus on.  Strategic alignment.  Financial savings.  Training for problem solving and leadership.  And the most important – and often overlooked topic – process confirmation audits.
  • An automated report in your inbox each week that shows you participation, by week and location, for the critical tools.  Daily management.  Leader standard work.  5s.
  • Better ways to transfer best demonstrated practices across the business

Compass Software Tools

  • Enterprise Alignment
    • LeanPC software for alignment of tasks across key job functions in your company
  • Develop Scientists
    • Energy leadership – attitudinal measurement of anabolic & catabolic energy
    • Group styles inventory – measurement of constructive team styles
    • Competency – measurement of knowledge & application
    • Learning management system (LMS) for certifications.  Our LMS can be customized in many different ways to suit your certification requirements
  • Process Confirmation
    • Leader standard work uploads.  How is the plant manager & quality manager managing their role?  What do they do each day, each week, each month?  Sharing of LSW drafts enables your company to learn from the best
    • Daily management uploads.  Hour by hour measurement that is shared across the organization.  Are all tiers functioning properly?  Use this tool to view the latest images
    • 5s image uploads.  Sustaining 5s is easy with our tool.  Upload a standard image, and then each week (or frequency you select) upload a comparison image that removes any question of sustainability in all types of work environments
  • Continuous Results
    • Project pipeline database.  Our software is simple, allows projects to be verified by your finance resources, and is a great training tool for new belts

How to Get Started

Enter your problem statement or contact us to schedule an on-site visit or virtual presentation of how the software works.

Define your Problem Statement.

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