Transactional Experts Concentration


  • Lost lead time entering order
  • Lost lead time scheduling
  • Unknown production status

All stem from improperly trained / supervised employees and lack of data.

Who are they?

  1. They work on any “PC” based process; one that doesn’t include a physical product or widget. Examples are accounts payable, scheduling, work orders, etc.
  2. These experts know how to:
    • a) measure these processes
    • b) analyze them
    • c) improve them

What is required?

  • Mapping skills
  • Ability to see waste in transactional applications
  • Subject matter expertise in these processes

What types of problems can I solve with this toolset?

  • Any computer-based process. Typical goals are to reduce lead time and errors by 50%.
  • Total lead time often has easier improvement opportunities in the office, not on the shop floor.
    • Our company is only as good as it’s information
    • What information do we need to know?
    • What information do we need to share?
    • (The 1st question is free)


Required Training Classes

PC Mapping Training:

The first step to improve a process is to represent it graphically. Process mapping is the tool used to visually represent the process using known symbols. It allows us to understand the process, standardize the ideas that might exist from different stakeholders, identify opportunities for improvement and even simulate future states.

This session will help you to select, plan and execute the mapping tool appropriate for your process and will provide you the techniques to materialize them in the most effective way.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  1. Map a transactional process
  2. Optimize Windows arrangement
  3. Use shortcuts for Outlook and Excel

Morae PC Recording Training:

Morae software enables the recording of work being performed on a PC. It records the screens, keystrokes, audio, mouse screen pixels, and applications used. TGG has pioneered the use of Morae software from TechSmith for analyzing how efficiently people use personal computers. Students are trained how to; setup Morae to collect data, engage a team in collaborative process analysis, and how to use Morae for analysis. Using Morae, we can perform objective analysis that was previously impossible. We can analyze distance, keystrokes, application switching, screen layout, standard work, training effectiveness, and best practices. Morae allows us to capture transactional waste with objective data that can be used as a baseline for measuring transactional efficiency.

The use of PC recorded video provides a unique and effective approach for a team to; identify and designate the value added and non-value-added components to specific tasks. In addition, the software allows the user to identify and mark the 8 wastes, while observing the task at hand in a video format.

Define your Problem Statement.

The first step towards breaking your organizational log jams is identifying and verbalizing the challenge you're facing. What are you trying to solve? This simple Problem Statement exercise can have profound implications for your team. It helps you define the issue and gives TGG some sense of where the soft spots could be in your Order to Cash process. We invite you to take a few moments to fill out this form. A TGG consultant will contact you shortly to discuss your Problem Statement and provide some insight on how we may be able to help.

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