Black Belt Training Week 4


The best improvement ideas resulting from the rigorous statistical analysis and improvement techniques will not fruitful if they are not coupled with a good method for process control. The Control phase was not included in earlier process improvement approaches and was included in DMAIC to prevent the common phenomenon of having to “fix” the problem again and again.

Additional topics covered this week include more complex analysis associated with DOE’s, capability, MSA, SPC, and non-normal data.


At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  1. Plan and implement pragmatic controls.
  2. General full factorial DOE.
  3. Understand if non-normal data affects the data analysis conclusions.
  4. How to approach capability studies when there are single sided specs and non-normal data.
  5. Attribute data control chart selection and interpretation.
  6. Additional considerations of MSA when you can’t get an MSA to pass or when it is mission critical.


5 days, with a comprehensive test covering all of the DMAIC classes

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