SMED Kaizen Train The Trainer Event

Event Consultant: Zack Guthrie

Event Description: Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) Train The Trainer Event

Event Location: Fort Worth, Texas


Problem Statement:

  • The Make-Ready time for ABC was above average. The target is to reduce the average M/R time by 20%.

Event Objectives:

  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Make-Ready Time.
  • Identify all external make-ready activities.
  • Streamline all internal make-ready activities.
  • Clearly define simultaneous internal make-ready activities responsibilities and timing.
  • Organize and define 5S activities as it relates to Make-Ready.
  • Replicate to other Presses
  • Create Make-Ready Standard Work and targets.

Improvements Implemented:

  • 18 safety hazards were corrected, including replacing cracked electrical outlets, repairing stair gaps, and implementing the use of a dolly to decrease the risk of injury when moving large objects.
  • Using 5s practices we reduced waiting and waste of motion by creating a shadow board for tools, a Make-Ready portable kit with needed supplies, a staging area for “Next Job” material, as well as dedicated areas for completed jobs and other material.   
  • Created standard work for multiple processes to reduce variation and provide training documentation. Also created a Gantt chart for Make-Ready standard work with visual components for a medium complexity change-over.  

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