tgg’s Project Pipeline Database



  • 6 factor prioritization factors
  • Annual improvement priority (corporate) alignment
  • Primary tool list that will be used in project
  • Financial baseline calculations
  • Ability to upload any file types (Excel baselines, report outs, supporting information)
  • Charts that display projects on a 4 x 4 grid based on benefit/effort (bubble chart)
  • Charts that display $ value of identified projects, $ value of active projects
  • Many of the data charts are ‘pivotable’ directly on the webpage
  • View this page and scroll down to ‘project pipeline’ for more screenshots. 


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The web-based database allows clients to share improvement ideas across plants, across divisions 24 x 7. Projects go through standard milestones that include:

  1. Identified (which includes a prioritization process)
  2. Financially verified (controller review and approval required)
  3. Resourced (plant manager reviewed and approval required)
  4. Active (this includes plan, budgeted, and actual categories)
  5. Completed

The projects help us improve products and services for our customers. The best way to predict the future is to create it!

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