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Let's Unpack the Problem

  • Customer orders and appointments
  • Financial and payroll records
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Asset management

You use software in all the above areas…

why are you using Excel PowerPoint files for your Learning Management System?

You are managing numerous corporate locations, all with different understanding and maturity within Lean Six Sigma, and you are holding your “Lean operating system” together by email mandates and Excel files. Additionally, it’s your responsibility to not only sustain process focus but deliver year over year financial improvements.

Often our clients don't need consulting help, but rather the right tools to be successful.

Compass is a suite of tools that allow measurement, standardization, governance, audits, and learning to occur within a Lean Management System that is customized to your business. You select the tools that you need and allow Compass to do the rest.

Further, a corporate officer can quickly see which facilities are growing, learning, and improving without ever stepping on-site.

What are the Objectives?

  • Frequent visual updates on how each facility is sustaining and improving their business processes. 
  • Measurements that span the important areas that you need to focus on. Strategic alignment. Financial savings. Training for problem solving and leadership. And the most important – and often overlooked topic – process confirmation audits.
  • An automated report in your inbox each week that shows you participation, by week and location, for the critical tools.
  • Better ways to transfer best-demonstrated practices across the business

Compass Software Tools


We offer three different assessments that measure attitudinal energy, team styles, and competency. Easily view your team’s results in our assessment tool database and measure the improvement of your team over time. 


Our Learning Management System can be customized in many different ways to suit your certification requirements. This virtual learning portal can be used to supplement classroom learning or be used entirely virtual. We also offer easy tracking of individual, location, or company-wide certification progress.   

We use Moodle for our virtual learning portal. Watch teaching videos, review modules, and take quizzes to test comprehension.
User Report
Students can log in to see the books, classes, quizzes, and projects that are in process, completed, and their overall progress towards certification.
Have numerous employees going through the belt certification process? Easily manage their progress with our Location Summary Report tool. This report can be viewed in your web browser or exported into an Excel Spreadsheet. Sorting by location allows you to see how whole teams are progressing.
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There are many tools within this section that allow you to have direct observation of your team performing work to the standards set by your company. Auditing your processes is crucial for the growth and sustainability of your company.

Uploads (LSW Example)
Team members can upload images of their Leader Standard Work, Daily Management, or 5s. This timeline gives you easy access to all uploaded images, allowing you to share information across your organization. Knowledge sharing helps sustain lean practices, measure metrics, and learn from the best. This image shows an example of a Leader Standard work upload.
Uploads (DM Example)
This timeline gives you easy access to all uploaded images, allowing you to share information across your organization. Knowledge sharing helps sustain lean practices, measure metrics, and learn from the best. This image shows an example of a Daily Management work upload.
Leader Standard Work Participation Report
Is your team uploading their LSWs? Shown weekly for each user, you can view this report within Compass or by exporting an Excel spreadsheet. Filter by individuals or view your entire team, as shown.
Daily Management Participation Report
Is your team uploading their DM? Shown weekly for each tier, you can view this report within Compass or by exporting an Excel spreadsheet. Filter by Value Stream.
5S Image
Sustaining 5S is easy with our tool. Upload a control image and then each week (or frequency you select) upload a comparison image that removes any question of sustainability in all types of work environments.
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Similar to the Assessments tool, which shows individuals results, these 3 reports show the assessment results for whole teams and groups. You can evaluate users within specific locations, departments, or even managers.

Attitude - ELI
This report provides a consolidated summary of all leaders within your company who have taken the test and provides the ability to measure their gap improvement. Best used over a period of 1 to 3 years.
Behavior - GSI
This report provides a summary of all your team's group styles inventory. This can be used to measure the step improvement of the culture within your company across all teams that have taken the survey. Best to use this tool over a period of 1 to 3 years.
Competency - SSA
This report provides a summary of all leaders & champions who have taken the test.
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Our project pipeline database allows clients to share improvement ideas across plants and divisions. Projects help you to improve products and services for your customers. They can also be verified by your financial resources and is a great training tool for new belts. 

Home Page
This page allows you to see an overview of your active and awaiting projects and compare your planned and actual savings.
Enter New Projects
Use standard naming conventions. Ensure your project aligns with the corporate direction. List any and all financial assumptions and types of savings as possible.
Project Scatter Plot
The benefit and effort for each location is graphed. The size of the bubble is the amount of savings represented. Hovering over a bubble will show you more details and clicking on it will take you to the project.
Active Projects Pivot Table
This tool shows you all your active projects and allows you to view the table in your web browser or exported to an Excel sheet. Filter by Project, Plant, Owner, Champion, Metric, Project Type, Tool, Year, or Month. Compare Plan, Budget, and Actual side by side with Year and overall totals.
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ADDITIONAL TOOLS for consultants

Compass is also a great tool for consulting companies. These additional tools are available for anyone using Compass, but they can be extra beneficial to consulting companies using Compass. tgg honors non-compete and NDA for anyone using our software. 

Calendar events, attachments, checklists, action items, agendas, and more are built so they can work individually or in conjunction with one another.

Pre and post-event scores show completion of work and allow managers to easily manage numerous consultants and clients at a glance. You can also generate a quick list of calendar events that will show you consultant, client, type of events, etc.
Checklists and Print Lists
Pre and post-event checklists for any calendar event are highly configurable based on your needs. Each can be included in the score so that you can evaluate each of your consultants. In Print Lists, simply choose the event type from the drop-down list and see all the standard printing for that training event.
For each service or training class your company provides, a standard agenda can be built. Selecting the view icon immediately brings the agenda to your screen. As consultants do pre-work before going onsite they can copy and paste from this standard using our agenda builder to customize their plan.
Exercise Templates
Have a new consultant you are training? Instructors can prepare for the exercise or training simulation by looking at specific images, videos, and comments provided by other consultants.
Action Items
These can be filtered by event or by location. Users can type directly into the table to update task status so that everyone can be informed.
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Compass Software Stats

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