Transactional Daily Management

Event Location: Hastings, NE

Event Description: (Trans) Daily Management

Problem Statement: One of the presses has performed below expectations at an average speed of 6,900 Sheets per hour compared to a budget of 9,500 Sheets per hour. The current asset availability is < 50%.


  • Assess the current health of the press
  • Use Lean Six Sigma tools to find the root cause for lack of press speed.
  • Clean to Inspect.
  • Investigate the failure of the Autonomous Maintenance Program.

TPM (Derrick)/Tools (Travis):


The Results:

  • Trained the team on problem-solving techniques
  • Inspected and repaired over 25 vacuum/air leaks that are preventing the press from reaching ideal state.
  • Started cleaning the delivery and feed section.
  • Identified multiple bad components.
  • Repaired the delivery gripper release cam screw actuator and controls.
  • Color-coded vacuum lines from the pump house to the delivery.
  • Repaired foot on the feeder head.
  • Created a second revision of the previous Autonomous maintenance program.
  • Create a detailed action plan for improvement
  • Completed a DOE on Best Run Setting



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