Equipment Reliability Assessment

What’s Included:

  • New Equipment Design
  • Management Metrics
  • Maintenance Basics
  • Developing Skill

New Equipment Design

  • Whoever designed the new equipment obviously never had to service any equipment
  • The repair parts are only identified by manufacturer part numbers
  • Detailed maintenance manuals are:
    • Not available
    • Only in hard copy
    • Only in soft copy
    • Not specific to this particular machine
    • Not written in English (or Spanish, or French, or whatever language is needed)

Management Metrics

  • OEE is better than world class but a considerable amount of scrap is generated
  • There are three different versions of unplanned downtime depending upon which report you look at
  • Operators don’t know what OEE means or how they might affect it
  • A lot of money is spent on maintaining old equipment but, we aren’t sure if the spend is justified
  • No one knows what an hour of lost production is worth

Maintenance Basics

  • Only the mechanics can work on the machines
  • No one knows if there is supposed to be fluid in a chamber of the FRL
  • Purchasing got a good deal on lube oil but didn’t ask maintenance for the design specs
  • The maintenance team is scheduled to work 6 ½ days per week, every week

Developing Skill

  • A lot of knowledge is going to walk out the door when the old guys retire
  • We are too busy to conduct any evaluations after the equipment is up and running again
  • Planned maintenance always takes longer than expected


A prioritized action plan for how to improve equipment OEE which may include:

  • Adjusting critical spares carried in inventory
  • Improving lubrication practices
  • Changes to plant air systems
  • Better planning for maintenance events
  • How to improve the skill set of those performing maintenance (both maintenance team and operators)

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