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Accounting processes, including invoicing, are a key component of your organization’s support services. They keep your financial life organized, pay bills, invoice customers, and maintain the balance sheet, which keeps you apprised of the business’s financial viability.

From an order to cash stand point the longer this reporting cycle takes the longer the organization goes forward not knowing the full implications of last month’s decisions and how they have impacted the financial results.

Excessive reporting requirements (does anyone read them?) and duplicate entry into and across multiple systems are typical areas of waste and frustration. We’ve worked with clients in accounting to eliminate much of the waste associated with delays, needless high transaction count, reduction of errors, reduction of screens and different systems that are used to many others.

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What are the Issues?

  • Month end close takes too long
  • Needless reporting, reporting (did I mention reporting)
  • Duplicate invoices / payment errors are the norm
  • Standard pricing is incorrect and deeply flawed


  • 75% - 75% Lead time & error reduction quote sheet
  • 100% Error reduction in ACH field reconciliation
  • 50% Web portal screen reduction

Define your Problem Statement.

The first step towards breaking your organizational log jams is identifying and verbalizing the challenge you're facing. What are you trying to solve? This simple Problem Statement exercise can have profound implications for your team. It helps you define the issue and gives TGG some sense of where the soft spots could be in your Order to Cash process. We invite you to take a few moments to fill out this form. A TGG consultant will contact you shortly to discuss your Problem Statement and provide some insight on how we may be able to help.

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