There is a powerful relationship between what happens in the front office and what occurs on the plant floor. Too often, process improvement efforts are concentrated only on the operations and omit the transactional aspects of the business. The tgg consultants are experts in removing wastes from traditional administrative processes such as order entry, claims management, accounts payable, month-end close, supply chain management, and production planning.Since many of the transactional processes are computer centric, tgg has specific patented tools to identify and reduce waste associated with how staff utilizes their PCs. These skills extend beyond traditional process improvement and include the development of selected software applications.

Like the production aspects of businesses, transactional portions of the businesses can also benefit from process improvement aspects of Root Cause Failure Analysis, 5-S, improvement kaizens, development of standard work for all stakeholders, identification and management of associated management metrics.


Common Problems:

  • New services
    • Customers waiting too long
    • Customer requirements not understood or document
    • We don’t measure like our customers
  • Customer order
    • No standard format for receipt of customer orders
    • Quoting = research project
    • We enter the order into four different systems
    • Customer cannot view the status of their order
  • Scheduling
    • Shifting priorities and break-ins are the norm
    • We can’t see workload/delays for each department
  • Order processing
    • Duplicate entry into multiple systems
    • Receipt of information from customer incomplete or includes errors
    • Email. Email. Email.
  • Customer review
    • No visibility of status
    • Delays waiting on the customer
    • Redundant/duplicate file attachments
  • Transfer information/files
    • File formats have not been standardized
    • Font library discrepancies
    • Lost/duplicated/out of revision files
  • Accounting
    • Month-end close takes too long
    • Duplicate invoices/payment errors are the norm
    • Standard pricing is incorrect and deeply flawed
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