Transactional Leader Standard Work


Leader standard work (LSW) is defined: Daily checklists for team leaders, supervisors, value stream managers – that state explicit expectations for what it means to focus on the process (David Mann, Creating a Lean Culture).

Business document all types of instructions:

Tax compliance
Product & service requirements
Interfacing with our customers
Equipment instructions

So when it comes to our supervisors, managers, and executives, why do many businesses run with little to no standard operations for their leaders?  Creating LSW for your management team allows you to connect your leading business metrics to the underlying processes to a leader with a series of inspections in their LSW.  Linkage charts allow us to quickly perform this mapping and your team will clearly bring in focus the importance of observing process.

Imagine a 7 figure Italian sports car, would you allow anyone in your company to drive it?

Every day managers and supervisors are hired, with little to no training, to ‘drive’ businesses that dwarf the value of this car

LSW allows you to predict the results, by:

  • Measuring the process
  • Managing the process
  • Establishing limits on the process
  • Skills training in the process


2 days SCO
12 days RUN
1 day Evaluate

Typical Outcomes:

  • LSW instructions for all managers within your organization
  • Sustainability for all Lean Six Sigma tools and standard work through application of LSW
  • Linkage between LSW and daily management tools
  • Culture shift away from reactive firefighting to planned behaviors that focus on process
  • Moves ‘tacit’ job know-how to standard procedures


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