Manufacturing SMED

Event Description: (Mfg) SMED

Event Location: Hastings, NE

Problem Statement: Continue with SMED Certification: The plant has completed several SMED events with little sustainment. The variation in change over times is limiting the business and costing over $250M/year. The lean tools were implemented but the management system did not follow. The press struggles significantly with Make Ready’s. Make Ready times are often greater than 2 hours, while the customer demand requires the time to be less than 45 minutes.




  1. Refine the standard work on the press
  2. Focus on 1 Pull registration
  3. Continue the certification of operators

The team performed 3 Make Ready’s on the press. Seventy-five percent (75%) of the MR time was spent obtaining register, requiring 16 sets to be pulled and various adjustments. Plate changes were completed in less than 15 minutes each time. This was not a representative of the real struggle in performing a full Make Ready.


The team performed a new video analysis on the press with the emphasis on registration identifying VA versus NVA steps. The team continued to improve the standard work and performed a waste walk identifying Value adding activities in each department.

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