Manufacturing Black Belt On Site Support – Inserter DOE Week 1

Event Consultant: Lynn Clark

Event Description: Inserter DOE Prep

Event Location: Baldwinsville, NY


Problem Statement:

Since the _____, the 227 Inserter has a FPY of XXX. This has resulted in ________ at a cost of $_________.

Week 1 Actions:

Charter preparation

  • Scope the project
  • Team
  • Goals

Develop project plan – “Modified Affinity” method

Prepare SIPOC

Conduct preliminary C&E matrix

Start development of questions and hypothesis

Project Scope: 

Analysis conducted during scoping showed that the 227 line has about X% of the overall ________ for all of the inserters. Of the X different ______ defect codes, X% are related to a partially ________ liner.



Project Plan: 

A high level project plan was prepared listing the tasks and an estimated timeline with the projected completion date set for September 2017. There are a number of conditions which may be encountered that may impact the overall timeline. Critical tasks include:

  • Timely capture of Y data (defects per day)
  • MSA
  • Time lag between making adjustment to inputs like temperature and response

C&E Matrix: 

A quick C&E matrix was conducted. Two criteria were used: _____ defects at X; internal _____ related scrap. During the preparation of the C&E it was recognized that both criteria had nearly the same relationship, so only the defects at X were evaluated. 

Next Steps:

Plan FMEA, select team members, reserve the date, start data collection of Y data, and collect and analyze Q1 measurement data.


Many of initial deliverables started or completed. Charter, paretos, SIPOC, C&E, project plan, initial hypothesis statements

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