Manufacturing Black Belt On-Site Support – Inserter DOE Week 2

Event Consultant: Lynn Clark

Event Description: Inserter DOE Week 2

Event Location: Baldwinsville, NY

Preliminary Questions (from last report):

  • What is the relationship between the quality control measures Baldwinsville takes and the defects observed at another plant?
  • Is the sampling frequency appropriate to keep bad product out of customer’s process?
  • How well does BVL perform those measures?
  • How well do the quality control measures meet the customer specs (Capability)?

This Week’s Key Actions:

  • Conducted capability analysis of __________ hourly quality measurements.
  • Compared ___________ hourly quality measurements with customer defects.
  • Prepared samples for Measurement System Analysis (MSA) evaluation.
  • Conducted operator measurements.
  • Performed MSAs.
  • Prepared conclusions and recommendations based upon MSA findings.
  • Reviewed and updated action registry.

Capability Analysis:

  • Many parameters are measured hourly and entered into _________.
  • Data for Feb., March, and April was evaluated.
  • Each parameter was checked for normality and stability before performing capability analysis.

MSA Sample Preparation:

  • Off spec item was used for this test so no additional scrap was generated.
  • The operator manipulated the _______ to induce variation consistent with that observed in the historical data.
  • Ten samples were pre-selected by CI team for each of the three parameters.
  • Four operators who routinely perform these test participated.
  • The samples were randomized before presentation to the operators.

MSA Analysis:

  • Each operator evaluated each sample twice
  • Two operators indicated they could not measure skew considering the way the samples were prepared,
  • Good measurement systems have <10% Tolerance and Process.
  • %Tol and % Process must be <30% for acceptance.

MSA Conclusions and Recommendations:

  • Current process measurements can’t tell good from bad, or if the process is getting better or worse.
  • No standard work for X exists.
  • Standard work for alignment and width were not present.

Use of black light at measurement station appears to aid in reduction of measurement error.            







Path Forward:

  • Develop/Revise standard work for all measurements
  • Trial use of black lights at measurement stations
  • Train all operators who perform the measurements
  • Re-run MSA to determine if %Tol is <30%.
  • Modify leader standard work to include spot checks of measurement system.


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