SMED – Printing Certification Continuation

Event Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Problem Statement: Standard work for PR-01 was drafted during the January SMED event. Focused upon standardization of the process steps leading up to the first pull. The two pressman-feeder teams used different methods from the first pull to running at rate. This resulted in longer make-ready times and MR wastes. The historical operational data does not have sufficient granularity to quantify the amount of this difference on a long term basis.


Meet the team



Baseline Information

Each week this press conducts about 40 M-R’s.

  • No current system captures the time for each M-R which is accurate or that can be easily and quickly evaluated. 
  • Initially, each teams’ M-R process varied slightly from other teams.

What did we do?

Both teams participated in Lean introductory training which focused upon:

  • Forms of waste
  • History
  • 5-S
  • Kaizen

Reviewed and revised Work Instructions

Drafted Gantt Chart

Performed some additional 5-S

Maintenance Team Contribution

Additional hand tools needed to do the job efficiently were secured. Operators were provided with an additional 19mm socket, extension and drive and a new torque wrench (with extension and socket) needed for blanket cylinder.






Tools on coater following the first 3 S’s.

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