Bundled Simulation Kit



  • 5 simulations used to teach Lean principles and practices
  • Instructor guides and training videos (where applicable) for simulations
  • Digital copies of all material
  • All required supplies for simulations

For more details about each simulation, see below.



The Tennis Ball Simulation is a fun simulation that teaches small groups creative problem-solving. It can also be used to help teach or reinforce some of the basic Lean concepts.

  • DURATION 30-45 minutes
  • GROUP SIZE 5 participants per team


The 5S Numbers Game Simulation is an animated slide show which can be used to demonstrate the importance of each “S” in 5S. It is well suited for use in a transactional/computer screen environment but can be useful in production operations too.

  • TARGET AUDIENCE Employees, Practitioner (belt), Supervisor/Manager
  • DURATION 30 minutes
  • GROUP SIZE Classroom Simulation


The Golf Tee Simulation is based upon an old fashioned, low tech game which uses a small board and golf tees. It is a fun and simple simulation that demonstrates the need and power of standard work.

  • TARGET AUDIENCE Employees, Practitioner (belt), Supervisor/Manager
  • DURATION 30-45 minutes
  • GROUP SIZE 2-3 participants per game board (10 games included)


The Inventions Simulation is a quick exercise to demonstrate the power of a team. During the exercise, the teams will estimate when a particular invention occurred. It can also be used to show how some of the Kaizen rules can be applied.

  • DURATION 45-60 minutes
  • GROUP SIZE 4-5 participants per team


The Lean Principles Sim teaches the principles of Genba walks, daily management, and active listening skills through this interactive simulation.  Students are given a ‘challenge’ and by solving the problem Lean principles are emphasized.

  • TARGET AUDIENCE Managers, Supervisors, and Executives
  • DURATION 1 hour
  • GROUP SIZE 5 participants per team

Train the Trainer Time: 1 day for the entire bundle

Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

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