• All parts needed for simulation
  • Student Role Briefs (printed and laminated)
  • Score Sheets (printed and digital)
  • Workstation Placemats (printed and digital)
  • Student Instructions (digital)
  • Facilitator Instructions (digital)
  • 1 Pelican Storage Case



Are you looking for an entertaining and informative way to teach a group of people the concepts of Lean? PRODSim® is a method of simulating a simplified production floor environment using plastic blocks. Each participant will assume a role in the production process which will contribute to the success of the team. The simulation consists of a series of orders which must be properly fulfilled to the customer in a timely manner. Scores are calculated based upon similar metrics used in production such as labor, raw material and WIP cost, space, cost of poor quality, etc. The simulation has several opportunities for the team to review their production cost, their current process, forms of waste in the process and to proposed techniques to reduce wastes and improve profitability.




1 to 4 days within a Lean training class

Train The Trainer time: 8 hours

(tgg recommends a train the trainer session – inquire for additional information)


8 to 15 participants

Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

Define your Problem Statement.

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