Transactional Mapping

Event Description: Transactional Mapping – TAP tasks Job Bag & Border Sample Process

Event Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Problem Statement: There is not a consolidated summary of all of the information needed for a production run. Some data is captured on paper forms and other data is captured electronically. There could be 20 plus pages to evaluate a production run. The format of the data does not facilitate timely review and quick conclusions. There is no comprehensive review of the data and we are not learning from it.



Improve the job bag effectiveness to: 

  • Provide all of the information needed at the production floor
  • Collect all required samples for FGPA, customer samples, quality samples, reruns and trials
  • Aggregate data collected at each stage of production and make it available for downstream reference

Current State Job Bag:

Data Aggregation – Future State:

  • Phase 1: Modify collection forms to collect data rather than check marks
  • Phase 2: Move to electronic data collection in Excel
  • Phase 3: Collect data directly into Dynamic Documents or into SharePoint



Consolidate data and information and make it immediately available for:

  • Downstream operations to have visibility into problems that have occurred
  • RCFA
  • Comprehensive overview of a job run
  • Trending
  • Verification that all quality testing has been performed and the results

Modify current state tabulation logs to:

  • Remove standard work from checklist and put on poster
  • Change check marks to actual data where appropriate

Eliminate cello and corrugate order forms

Future State Job Bag Requirements

Requirements for data, reference material and obtaining samples


  • Mapped job bag current state
  • Created a job bag future state
  • Captured improvement opportunities and identified top priorities
  • Developed a phased plan to implement improvements
  • Red-lined tabulation logs to move away from check marks and replace with data

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